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STANDARDIZED Technology and Designs for floating LNG solutions


Small Scale FSRUs are the most cost effective solution for locations with 50mmscf/d to 200mmscf/d gas throughput needs. With a built-in IMO Type C storage they can cover 90% of Asia and Caribbean project development needs


LNG transhipment depots are critical part of the Small Scale LNG infrastructure and value chain for break-bulking the large LNG cargos (e.g. 170,000 cbm) into smaller LNG cargo (e.g. 10,000 cbm) in midocean or nearshore conditions.


More than 25% of the upcoming LNG bunkering facilities are expected to be floating LNG depots and small scale LNG bunkering ships. Bunkering mid-sea by STS transfer uses flexible hoses or articulated loading arms.

1) Quick-to-Deploy Standardized FSRU designs

At the forefront of innovation, the Quick to Deploy FSRU caters to increased flexibility, reliable performance with the best-in-class uptime and ease of terminal operations. These barge based FSRU solutions with standardised equipment packages provide significant cost savings for the initial project development and long term operations. They can be rapidly deployed on a fast track mode, with a shorter construction schedule. Our Small Scale FSRU design solutions have regas capacity of 20mmscf/d to 200mmscf/d for the needs of island nations and our Nearshore FSRU design covers the higher demand regions of 600mmscf/d to 800mmscf/d.

2) Commercially Attractive Standardized Equipment

The designs are based on standardisation of equipment and interfaces using modular regasification solutions and module package configurations. These FSRUs are designed to operate in a wide range of metocean conditions in nearshore operational environment with a jetty or dolphin based mooring system. Our standardized FSRU designs are highly efficient and can be deployed in nearly 90% of nearshore environments in South East Asia, South Asia, Mediterranean and Caribbean. Standardization enables reduction in long lead procurement durations, ease of operational interfaces between FSRUs and LNGC, significant CAPEX and OPEX savings for the Owner and Operator.

3) Modular, Scalable and Efficient System Design

A modular and scalable design, where the regas capacity can be incrementally increased with demand, which is a much sought after design feature in Asia, Middle East, and Latin American FSRU projects. Ability to tap into port infrastructure harmonization, with faster standardized connectivity and turnaround time for incoming LNG ships, leading to increased port utilisation and efficiency. Built with high safety and reliability levels, meeting or exceeding the industry standard requirements. Though the design may look compact, thru the scalable approach it can be at par with the largest FSRUs regas capacity in the industry, if required.

4) Towards a Smaller Environmental Footprint

The MRV Regulation adopted in April 2015 creates an EU-wide legal framework for the monitoring, reporting and verification of CO2 emissions from ships. It also requires large ships calling at EU ports from January 2018 to collect and publish annual data on emissions. Several solutions are possible to comply with air emission limits, and LNG is the best alternative that can meet existing and upcoming requirements for the main types of emissions (SOx, NOx, PM, CO2). Our smaller sized floating LNG solutions including FSRUs and LNG Breakbulk depots, have been designed to make the smallest possible environmental foot print.


SSLNG Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered company with a portfolio of safe, efficient, innovative and cost effective basic designs with standardised equipment packages for Small Scale and nearshore FSRU, FSU, LNG Breakbulk Depots and Floating Power-Plants (FPP).

SSLNG’s team of professionals have decades of experience LNG and Gas Infrastructure, with hands experience in LNG and FSRU technology development, technology qualification, integrating proven technology into robust and reliable project solutions, fast tracking project execution driven by operational excellence. Our team has been involved in the FSRU projects since 2005, which were the very first FSRUs that were built and deployed in Americas and we have a proven track record of FSRU based LNG terminal project developments from USA, UK, Argentina, Italy and China. Currently, our team is actively engaged with Owners and Operators from Indonesia and India, to develop the state-of-the-art technology based low mmscf/d and optimal storage Small Scale FSRUs, with the most commercially attractive CAPEX.

The projected growth in gas demand in more than two dozen countries mandate quick-to-deploy solutions, calling for faster execution of LNG regasification (import) terminals. Predominantly centred on FSRUs, our primary business is in the licensing of Basic Designs and Extended Basic Designs for quick-to-deploy, nearshore, and small-scale FSRUs. A standardised equipment package based on proven technologies, standardised interfaces, modularised systems and operations friendly layout, with high reliability and uptime is an integral part of our design portfolio and our equipment package framework.

In addition to the Small Scale and nearshore FSRU’s, we are actively developing the next generation Floating LNG Bunkering Solutions, LNG Transhipment Depots and FPPs.

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